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Best images of man-woman shoes collection

September 04, 2011 By: admin Category: Fashion, hobbies, livestyles and leisure

wedding shoes images

Shoes are items of footwear used to protect and comfort the human foot while performing various activities. Shoes are also used as a stuff of decoration. The design of shoes has varied greatly through time and from society to society, with appearance initially being related to function. Additionally fashion has often determines many design elements of shoes, such as whether shoes have very high heels or flat ones. Modern shoes vary widely in style, complexity and cost. Basic sandals model of shoes may consist of only a thin sole and simple strap. High fashion shoes may be made of very luxurious materials in complex construction and sell for thousands of dollars a pair. Other shoes are for very particular purposes, such as boots particularly designed for  skiing or mountaineering. Take a close look at some images of the best shoes in this site.

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